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Dr. Luis Escobar, MD is able to provide stem cell therapy for suitable candidates at all of his pain management clinic locations. Stem cell therapy has many benefits for the right candidates, including pain relief. Stem cell therapy – a form of regenerative medicine therapy as described by the American Medical Association – is a form of treatment which uses stem cells to treat an injury or prevent a medical condition. Forms of stem cell therapy have been used for over 30 years, for example the use of bone marrow transplants for cancer patients with leukemia. Stem cell therapy is now used for several other conditions, including acute and chronic inflammation (and the prevention of), treating pain, and regeneration of tissue. Several studies state that stem cell treatment has reduced pain in over 50% of patients, which is one of the reasons why it is becoming so popular. Dr. Escobar completed his Anesthesiology and Pain Management training at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical center, Brooklyn, New York, affiliated with the State University of New York (SUNY). He was appointed chief resident in Anesthesiology. Dr. Escobar is Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, the American Board of Pain Medicine and Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management. He has been practicing in the area for over fifteen years. He has lectured in the community as well as mass media on various topics in Pain Management. As a leading provider of interventional pain management in Aventura, Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood, Dr. Escobar works hard at treating the source of your pain with the goal of restoring you to full function and your normal life and activities.


James Vanden Bosch has spent the last decade, and still counting, on specializing and pioneering Regenerative Medicine from a clinical and hospital aspect. He is considered a world leading pioneer in the creation of Platelet Rich Plasma with isolation of growth factors, bone marrow stem cells, and isolation of stromal vascular faction (stem cells) from autologous adipose derived stem cells. James is recognized world-wide as one of the top Clinical Regenerative & Orthobiological Scientist in developing stem cell treatments and teaching physicians in the proper techniques of creating Regenerative Medicine. He collaborates with the world's leading science, medical, and research communities and receives recommendations from top regenerative scientists, medical, and stem cell companies. As a result of his early experience, James was appointed to the International Cellular Medicine Society and co-authored the first guidelines in developing Platelet Rich Plasma presented to the international medical community. Currently, he was elected to an international university research team for the development of stem cell treatments to combat Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia diseases. The development of this autologous treatment exist across the whole spectrum of medical specialties. These include, but are not limited too; Orthopedic injuries and diseases, pain management, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ALS, Diabetes, certain cancers, Parkinson's, Stroke, Mitochondrial Dysfunction Disease, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, CLL, Spinal Injuries, COPD, Seizures, as well as many others. Additionally, James is an international and domestic public speaker, advisor, lobbyist, and clinical researcher/scientist. In 2011, two of his publications for his work with MS patients were reported by the World Medical News Reporter and translated to 110 different languages in 56 countries..